Incubator automatic egg turner egg rack tray 24 chicken eggs 96 bird eggs with 1/240 rpm . Perfect automatic egg turner tray for homemade diy incubators. This high quality auto egg turner is made out of toughened plastic, which ensures its durability, and makes it very easy to clean. Because of the 1/240rpm motor, the egg turner is programmed to turn the eggs automatically every 2 hours. Automatic egg turners are important because they prevent the egg york from sticking to one side of the egg during incubation. The full capacity of this automatic incubator tray is 24 chicken eggs and 96 bird eggs. Available 1/240rpm motor voltages are 110v and 220V. Size: 16.9 inches X 11 inches (42.8cm * 28cm). Package contains: 1 X Incubator egg turner automatic rack tray 24 chicken eggs 96 bird eggs, suitable for diy incubators.

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