This is a 4 Channel 5v relay interface board, which can control various appliances, and other equipments with large current. It can be controlled directly by Microcontroller.
Rated voltage: AC220V/DC30V
Coil power: 0.1A 0.5W
Rated current: 10A
Contact switch current: 0.1A
Contact switch voltage: 5V
Protective characteristics: protect
Contact load: 2000W
Applied range: voltage
Contact form: NC/NO
With 4 mounting holes, diameter of each hole is 3.1mm, easy to install
Apply superior SONGLE relay, SPDT(single-pole double-throw), one common port, one NO and one NC
Low level actuation(indicator ON), high level release(indicator OFF)
Maximum output of relay: DC30V 10A, AC250V 10A
Indication LED’s for Relay output status
VCC: positive pole of power system
GND: negative pole of power system
IN1–IN4: Controlling port of relay

Supports all MCU control.
The industrial field.
PLC control.
Smart home control.

Package Contents:
1x 5V 4-Channel Relay Module.

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