Buy this fully automatic egg incubator, which boasts of a dual power supply, to increase your production. It can be powered via the mains with 220V (110V with an adapter) and 12V (battery). If both are connected at the same time, the mains will be the primary power, and when there is a power cut, the incubator will automatically switch to the 12V battery supply until the mains power is restored, at which point it will switch automatically back to the mains.

This is a combined egg incubator and hatcher. It is equipped with universal egg trays which carry chicken, duck, quail and turkey eggs. If you are looking to buy an egg incubator, this machine will be perfect for your needs. Carrying capacities are:

Chicken: 180 eggs

Duck / Turkey: 175 eggs

Goose: 125 eggs

Quail: 400 eggs

Because this automatic egg incubator can be powered by a 12V battery, it’s suitable for use with solar. As a solar incubator, it’s great for use even in rural areas where mains electricity is not available.

Shipping time: 10 – 15 days.

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