Smart Voice Control Speaker With Amazon Alexa Siroflo Multi-Room Bluetooth Wireless Radio Speakers AUX Handsfree Call Player.

– This product combines all Amazon Echo functions with NEW features, IMPROVED options, – HIGH-TECH innovations:
– Includes AUX function.
– 2 x 40 x 60mm shock membrane for better, deeper bass experience.
– Longer runtime, longer lifespan: includes adapter 5V – 2A, built-in 2200mAh battery, with a long battery life.
– Advanced audio streaming, Bluetooth sending & receiving functions.
– 2 x 2.5″ full range high sensitivity speakers, 2.0 inch.
– Elegant refined cloth surface design combined with high quality ABS material, made to suit any kind of environment, from bedroom, to living room, to studio or office.
– LED light circle edge with chasing mode, one specific light for one specific command ( white when the volume is adjusted, green when charging, blue when the Bluetooth is connected, orange when there is no network ) Encoder knob controls the volume.

Amazon Alexa voice assistant intelligent voice control, with far-field voice recognition. It can be used as a smart home control center. You can control your smart home products through Alexa exclusive smart home platform ( smart light bulbs, smart switches, smart TVs, smart locks and alarms, smart plugs and sockets, etc. )

Play all the music on Amazon, as well as send and receive text messages, make calls, answer questions, do shopping, play games, book a car, order from the web, and even manage your health. Plus, you can always add new skills.

Control whatever happens in your home with its mobile APP control system and artificial intelligence: this device can be automatically upgraded. Always more and more intelligent.

WIFI function ( dual antenna 802.11 WIFI a / b / g / n 2.4G network )

Power Amplifier TI ( Texas Instruments Texas Instruments ).

Brand: Siroflo
Product weight: 0.6000 kg
Package weight: 0.7500 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 8.60 x 8.60 x 20.00 cm / 3.39 x 3.39 x 7.87 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 13.00 x 13.00 x 27.60 cm / 5.12 x 5.12 x 10.87 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Speaker, 1 x USB Charging Cable, 1 x User Manual


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