This 3-ply KN95 surgical mask can help in protecting the wearer when faced with respiratory coronavirus diseases like COVID-19  and other viral infections like influenza. The surgical mask consists of 3 layers that form a three-dimensional breathing space. These layers are spunbond nonwoven, needle filter cotton and meltblown nonwoven. The mask is designed to sit snugly on the face, aided by the embedded adjustable nose clip and elastic ear loop. This hypoallergenic mask boasts of a high filtration capacity. The mask is comfortable and breathable, soft and skin-friendly. It is very effective in protecting against dust, air pollution, fluids and most disease-causing pathogens. This mask may prove useful in the midst of the covid 19 coronavirus pandemic. One size fits most people.


Color: White

Material: Non-woven Fabric

Standard: GB2626-2006 KN95

Protection Class: KN95

Filtering Rate: ≥95% (0.075μm particles)




Coronavirus mask

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