This KN95 5-layer surgical mask, which is fitted with a valve, is excellent for pollution, dust and may help in protecting the wearer from the spread of respiratory coronavirus diseases like COVID-19  and other viral infections like flu. For occupational protection of particulate matter, the filtration efficiency for non-oily particulate matter and dust is above 95%, due to the use of the meltblown cloth and nonwoven composite material. The mask fits seamlessly onto your face, aided by the embedded adjustable nose clip and elastic ear loops. This KN95 mask is comfortable and breathable, soft and skin-friendly. It may prove useful in fighting the spread of the covid 19 coronavirus. One size fits most people.

It is not recommended for smoke prevention (such as welding smoke or casting smoke).

The protective mask does not produce oxygen and cannot be used in anoxic environment.

Unique patent design of cold flow exhalation valve makes it suitable for prolonged use in humid and hot environments.

It is not recommended to wash the mask. The replacement frequency is determined by the degree of personal use, and the level of air pollution.


1 x Mask (Optional White or Grey)

covid 19 mask

surgical mask specifications


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