Incubator tray automatic egg turner rack 36 eggs / 144 bird eggs 1/240rpm motor 110V / 220V. This multi-purpose automatic incubator egg turner can be used for bird eggs (e.g. quail), chicken and duck eggs. The automatic incubator egg turner tray is perfect for homemade DIY incubators. It is fitted with a 1/240rpm motor which is pre-timed to turn the eggs 6 times a day. The auto egg turner tray features a robust design, and it’s very easy to clean. This tray is perfect for anyone who wants to build an egg incubator.
Bird: 144 eggs

Chicken, duck: 36 eggs

Material: High quality plastic.

Voltage: 110V and 220V  (1/240rpm)

Color: Red

Size: 17 inches X 16.4 inches / 43cm X 41.7cm

Package Contains: 1pc Automatic egg turner incubator tray 36 eggs / 144 bird eggs incubator tray for chickens, duck and quail, pigeon with 1/240rpm motor 110V / 220V.
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