The diy automatic incubator egg turner tray egg rack fitted with a 1/240rpm motor. This high quality automatic egg incubator auto egg turner is made out of toughened plastic, which ensures its streng and durability. Because of the 1/240rpm motor, the egg turner will turn the eggs every 2 hours. Automatic egg turners form an integral part in the homemade incubator as they prevent the egg york from sticking to one side of the egg during incubation. The strength of this automatic egg incubator tray ensures that it does not wobble. The automatic egg turner is suitable for chicken, quail, guinea fowl and duck eggs. The dimensions of the auto egg rack are: 16.4 inches X 16.8 inches (41.7 cm X 42.7 cm). This automatic egg tray has a large empty space in the middle to allow for smooth air circulation in the incubator. Power is connected via 2 wires coming out of the motor. Package contains 1 X auto egg turner tray for automatic diy incubator 63 eggs 110V / 220V.

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