The S3 Handkey
SAVE BIG on this S3 Handkey for Alpha S3 tags. This clothes security tag remover key quickly detaches the following S3 Alpha tags, hangers and hooks: 2 alarm spider wraps, 3 alarm spider wraps, safer, display pegboard hook, bottle tag, Alpha 2 and 3 alarms and CD/DVD disk keepers. This high quality magnetic security tag removal tool works quickly and efficiently, just like the more expensive versions. The S3 security tag detacher key contains a detacher magnet with a magnetic intensity of 4500GS.
Sensormatic tag detacher hook key
This high quality Sensormatic tag detacher hook key opens all EAS store security clothes tags that come with a hole on top. The hook key can be used as a replacement for the Sensormatic detacher unit, or it can be used on its own as a clothes security tag remover without the AMD3040 / MK225 and AMD3050 detachers.  Therefore, it can be used as an economical alternative to the detacher machine. It is compatible with the following EAS hard tags: SuperTag, SuperTag II/III, Mini SuperTag, Alarming SuperTag, SuperTag Visible Source Tags (VST). This clothes tag remover is very easy to use and it is made out of composite quality steel.
Package contains: 1pc S3 key for Alpha S3 tags + 1pc Sensormatic security tag detacher Hook Key.

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