The anti-sleep alarm with vibrate alert is an innovative, potentially lifesaving anti-drowsiness / tiredness alarm. You wear the nap zapper behind the right ear and it works on the principle of electronic balance. The anti-sleep alarm has an electronic position sensor. When your head nods forward, the nap zapper is activated and it vibrates or sounds an alarm to instantly wake you up. This anti-sleep alarm is not only designed for drivers, it is also perfect for people who need to be fully alert while on duty, for example, security guards, machine operators and even students while studying or where concentration is required. It boasts of a smooth beautiful design which ensures that it fits perfectly on your ear.

Ergonomic Design and comfortable feeling rubber.
Lightweight and fits comfortably behind either ear.
Easily stay awake – no need for caffeine or pharmaceuticals.

Color: Black.
Angle of Protection: 15~ 25 degrees.
Alarm mode: sound alert/vibrate alert.

FREE SHIPPING: 7 – 15 days

DHL Express Shipping: 4 – 8 days

Package contains: 1 x Driver alarm with vibrate alert.

Payment Method:
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