This is a credit card knife, a pocket knife, also known as the cardsharp 2 credit card knife, so lightweight you won’t even know it’s on you. A credit card knife that touches your inner minimalist. A tactical knife, that can be used as a survival knife in the outdoors. A credit card knife so thin, so tactical, it literally is about the thickness of a credit card, as its name implies. A knife so versatile you can use it to slice a cucumber in the morning and cut steak at night. This card knife has a durable Polypropylene handle, which has a unique molecular structure that allows it to be folded and unfolded an infinite number of times.

  • Minimalist and Simple Design – Versatile
  • Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Blade
  • Folding Knife That Folds Flat Into A Credit Card
  • Safety To Lock Blade Closed
  • Polypropylene Handle

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Package contains: 1pc Credit card knife Cardsharp 2 Iain Sinclair knife Black

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