2 Channel SSR 5A DC-DC 5V-220V Solid State Relay for Arduino Mega UNO



SSR-GJ series for small high-power solid-state relays, input control voltage is 3~5VDC, output adopts a unidirectional thyristor reverse parallel, dv/dt resistant ability is high, the output load voltage range of 5~220VDC. Great to meet customers various requirements in different places. The product adopts the photoelectric isolation between input and output, the medium voltage up to 4000VDC. Using epoxy resin potting, size: 43mm ×12mm ×25mm SSR-GJ series of solid state relay is widely used in electric furnace temperature control, rubber and plastics machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, fountain control, CNC machine, stage lighting and other industrial automation field. Features * photoelectric isolation * 4000V dielectric withstanding voltage * zero or random conducting switch * PCB type installation * SCR output * Extremely high surge current capability * Built in RC absorption circuit * Provide LED indicate the working state of products * Environmental friendly (ROHS requirements) Specifications * Input ( control ) parameters ( TA=25?) * Input voltage range: 3~5VDC * Ensure that the turn-on voltage: 3VDC * Ensure that the turn-off voltage: 1VDC * Input current ( typical): 18Ma * Input current ( max): 25mA * Reverse polarity voltage ( DC ):-5VDC * Output ( load ) parameters ( TA=2?) * Output voltage range: 5~220VDC * Maximum transient voltage: 800Vpk * Maximum output current : 1Ma’ * Maximum output voltage: 1.5Vrms * Maximum load current: 5A * Maximum surge current (10ms ): Rated current of 20 times * The minimum power factor: 0.5 * Minimum working current: 50MA * High level action * Low level cut-off * Control panel input: 3~5VDC * power supply input: 3~5VDC * Size: 89x53x29 * FR-4 Fiber glass PCB (Double Layer) * PCB thickness: 1.6mm