EAS Security Tag Remover Magnet, Superlock Golf Magnetic Clothes Tag Detacher 12000GS



Comes with instructions on how to remove security tags off clothes as you serve your customers. using this universal security tag remover magnet, sensor remover for hard tags. The superlock golf clothes security tag detacher is a powerful security tag remover tool with amazing strength. The different types of security tags that this 12000GS security tag magnet works on offer more protection for you as a vendor. This clothing sensor remover is designed to be placed on the countertop, in the point-of-sale area, and secured from the base (there are multiple holes underneath for this purpose). It is approximately 71mm in diameter (2.8in), and weighs about 400g (14oz). This EAS hard tag remover contains a strong permanent detacher magnet and removes almost all kinds of standard tags.
Rated at 12,000GS (Gauss), this security tag removal tool is one of the most powerful clothing security tag detachers available. The universal superlock golf tag detacher is compatible with mini hard tags, large hard tags, golf tags, mini clam tags, regular clam tags, stylus tags, mini stylus tags, mini stylus with lanyard tag, Sensomatic, AMT 1000 tags, Boxguard tags, Knogo Super Satalite tags, Knogo Satalite tags, and Onvi Security Tags. The superlock golf security tag detacher 12000GS is constructed of an outer aluminium coating. Inside are several neodymium magnets (rare earth magnets) that are glued together as one piece in the shape of a cross. These tag remover magnets give it its awesome detaching strength. For how to remove a security tag from clothes, look out for our new ebook which will teach you how easy it is to use our detachers.

Package contains: 1pc Universal Security Tag Remover Magnet, anti-theft tag remover.

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