NRF24L01+ Arduino Wireless RF Transceiver Module 2.4GHz 10pcs



NRF24L01 + 2.4GHz RF Wireless Transceiver Module for Arduino x10pcs.

Maximum operating speeds up to 2Mbps, GFSK modulation efficiency, Anti-interference ability, Particularly suitable for industrial control applications.
125 Communications channels, Multi-point communication and frequency hopping to meet the communication needs.
Built-in hardware CRC error detection, Multipoint communication address control.
Low-power 1.9 ~ 3.6V, only 1uA on Power down mode.
Built-in 2.4Ghz antenna.

Package includes:

10pcs NRF24L01 + 2.4GHz RF Wireless Transceiver Module for Arduino.


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