Security tag remover gun, EAS handheld clothing tag detacher Sensormatic



Remove a clothing security tag easily with this handheld security tag remover gun as you serve customers in your store. This high quality manual clothes alarm remover is designed to remove security tags from clothing with ease, enabling you to serve your customers quickly. The EAS security tag detacher gun removes SuperTags from merchandise. Tough molded plastic makes the unit both durable and lightweight, while a lanyard helps prevent unauthorized removal from the store. Its ambidextrous design means that this clothing security tag remover device accommodates both right-handed and left-handed users. The detacher gun also has a channel in the base of the handle that can be used to straighten bent tacks on hard tags. Batteries or electrical power source not required. This Gun Detacher is compatible with these tags:
SuperTag II
Super Tag III
Combo Super Tag
SuperTag Mini
VST Super Tag
Package: 1pc handheld clothing security tag remover gun.

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