Clothes Security Tag Remover Magnet 6000GS EAS



Remove clothing security tag easily with this magnetic security tag detacher. It comes with instructions on how to remove a garment security tag when serving customers. This detagger removes different types of security tags including Checkpoint & Knogo tags. As a clothing security sensor removal tool, this is an excellent detacher for EAS hard tags. Use the tag detacher 6000GS to quickly remove security tag from clothes and save time in your store. It consists of a security tag detacher magnet with a magnetic force of 6000GS. This store clothes security sensor remover magnet works on various security tag types; EAS tags, EAS safer and EAS products. It will be a great addition to your anti shoplifting system. The product’s design incorporates a magnetic aluminum coating, which encases a powerful security tag detacher magnet. It’s dimensions are: 2.8 inches Diameter x 0.9 inches height. It weighs approximately 7 ounces. The Store Security Tag Detacher 6000GS is a very well-crafted, ¬†reusable product with extraordinary durability. It is also very easy to use, while offering outstanding tag removal performance. It will certainly help you and your staff to perform your duties quickly and efficiently.

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Package contains: 1pc EAS universal magnetic security tag remover 6000GS.

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